The Cable Guy’s Guide to Buying Internet and Cable

You’re finally ready to purchase cable. What better way to get all the advice you need than from the cable guy himself! Here is his guide to buying cable.

Just moved into that new place and looking to buy internet and cable? Of

Of course, you are!

I mean, who can go one day anymore without access to their favorite channels or social media? (I know I can’t!)

Here are a few ways to make sure the service you choose is the best available! Continue reading…

ADT vs Spectrum Intelligent Home (5 Fast Facts to Know)

You want to secure your home with the latest security tech. But which do you choose? In this post, we’re comparing providers ADT vs spectrum intelligent home.

You deserve a secure home.

But when you’re doing your research, it can be hard to figure out which home security is right for you.

That’s why we created this guide to compare ADT Home Security and Time Warner, which is owned by Spectrum Intelligent home.

Here are five fast facts you need to know. Continue reading…

5 Spectrum Home Automation Ideas You Have To Try

More homeowners are embracing automation. What are you waiting for? We have 5 home automation ideas you can try with your spectrum service.

Are you curious to learn some home automation ideas?

Let’s say you’re on vacation in the Bahamas, enjoying the sun and sand.

All of the sudden it hits you — you forgot to lock the front door of your home! Now instead of relaxing by the beach, you’re worried about your valuables being stolen.

Has that kind of thing ever happened to you? Continue reading…

How much does TV impact life?

Television, along with baseball and apple pie, is simply an American tradition that many families enjoy all over the country. However, we are often told time and time again that our obsession with watching a lot of TV can be detrimental to our overall health and happiness. Many people go so far as to blame television for what they view as the erosion of moral conscience. But studies show a different story.  Continue reading…

When is a Good Time to get a TV?

If you’re looking for a new TV you have to ask yourself one big question: do you want the best, newest, flashiest TV, or do you want the most bang for your buck? As it turns out TV deals and TV technology run on a related but slightly nuanced schedule. Buying at the right time prevents the TV tech enthusiast from buying something brand new that is instantly outdated. Everyone looking for a cheap TV and a good deal will benefit from expected drops in price.

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