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Bundle & Save

How would you like to get more and save money in the process? WholeHomeConnect works directly with you to shop and compare all providers in your area to seek out tv and internet deals that can only be obtained when you bundle services together. Manage your service with one bill, through one provider.

Time Warner Cable, Charter, and even Xfinity from Comcast all have amazing Triple Play options to maximize your home services. You definitely get more access to HD channels than you would through cable tv. You can even maximize your selection by gaining access to more on-Demand services and HD options.

Better Entertainment & Savings

We’re here to help you find all of your home entertainment and communications services. We help you find services of any type that are available in your area. From Internet to satellite TV, from home phone to DSL, all your options are here in one place, saving you time and hassle.

Our professional customer service team is here to help you choose the best services based on your locations quickly, saving you valuable time and money. Want TV only or Internet only Service? WholeHomeConnect can help you there as well.