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Our satellite TV gives you the freedom to entertain every member of the family from every room of your house or the road. Our app gives you the power to stream live TV, sports, music, and On-Demand movies. It brings a new definition to smart TV.

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Our smart remote lets you control your TV with your voice. Just connect it to your Google Home Mini and start watching your favorite shows.

What are My TV Options

Cable TV Container

Cable television is by far the most common type of pay TV service in most households. With cable TV service, the cable company delivers the television signals through its network of trunk or fiber-optic cables. The company broadcasts encrypted TV signals through the cables to the receivers located in customer homes. Cable companies these days cover most of the United States with high quality service. Cable is preferable for a lot of people because the service can provide television, internet, and phone all in one package. Of course, if you live in a very rural area, your home still may not be covered by cable. When you sign up with a cable provider, the company will typically send a technician to your home to install your cable service. We want you to get the best price on your television entertainment package, so our comparison engine will show you all the options in your area, letting you filter by price, features, and channels, and then choose the best one for your needs.

Satellite TV Container

Satellite TV uses the same signals from the programmers as cable, it just uses a different way of getting the signal into your house. In fact, most cable companies use satellites to get feeds from programmers or to send feeds to centers that broadcast the signals using cable, so all TV is satellite TV to some extent. Get the same advantages being available across the entire country and often offers more channels for the money?making satellite TV a better cable tv provider than regular cable!

Satellite internet service and TV service has a reputation for getting interrupted by bad weather. However, satellite TV providers scored among the best for reliability. While this might not directly translate to TV service, it does show that common perceptions about satellite technology might not be true.

Fiber Optic TV

Fiber-optic TV uses thin glass or plastic cables to transmit programming via infrared light. This relatively new technology is popular for its high bandwidth, which can support lots of channels in HD picture quality. It’s know for its speed and reliability. The connections can handle a lot of data at once, so you get sharp images and clear sound. It’s generally more expensive than cable TV, but with the savings you get by bundling it with internet service, fiber TV service might just be worth it.

The downside to fiber-optic TV is its availability. Also like fiber internet, fiber TV is still limited to certain areas — mainly cities.

Streaming TV – Live TV 

Live TV streaming works more like traditional TV where shows are available on a broadcast schedule, but the signal requires a reliable internet connection and TV services can be accessed over a web browser, with a smart TV, or with a streaming stick a Roku or Amazon Fire Stick.After the live broadcasts, many shows will also be available to stream on demand. How soon a show is available to stream after (or if they’re available to stream at all) will vary by show and by service.

Live TV streaming services are usually more expensive than on-demand streaming services, but they’re still more affordable that traditional TV. They also usually offer smaller channel packages and more add-on packages. This helps you customize your service with the channels you actually watch and spend less money on those that you don’t. However the streaming approach can add up when you’re paying separate monthly fees for your favorite channels and add-on features.

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